Our range of services reaches from system architecture via technology and tool consulting all the way up to implementation and quality assurance of software development projects.

It is our focus to reinforce development teams of big software projects with our knowledge and abilities. We also bring about sub-projects in complete personal responsibility.

We at aXimilate have longtime experience in realizing software projects. We have gathered this experience in our various functions in the project teams of mostly large-scale projects with different subject-specific backgrounds. So far our clients have been banks, insurance companies, logistics and IT firms as well as automotive corporations.

Our technical focus lies in JEE (Java) and .NET (C#) development, from back to front end.



Efficient time recording with the LIVE ticker for your income.

aXTimes is for everybody who wants to keep track of her or his working times efficiently. You can intuitively record the hours worked like you do with a time-punch machine or you can enter them manually. The hours of work and the earnings will be displayed in a live ticker and different overviews. For further use you can easily export your recorded data.

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Development of a web-application for securities analyses

Architecture, technical lead and development of core components

Category:  Finance, Munich

Period: since 2016

Further development of the Counterparty Credit Risk System of a leading European bank

Technical lead of the Mapping & Calculation team and development of core components

Category:  finance, Munich/Milan

Period: since 2013

Development of a shared portal software for the Landesbausparkassen (LBS)

Providing a consolidated central operated platform for the consultancy of clients in the branches and through field staff. Allowing for specific client conditions.

Category:  finance, Munich

Period: since 2009

Further development of a complex application for a worldwide leading automobile corporate

Development of core components and support of the offshore team in the development

Category:  Automotive, Munich/Stuttgart

Period: 2015-2016

Further development of reporting solutions in the Credit Risk area for a leading European bank

Development of core components

Category:  Finance, Munich

Period: 2014-2016

Development of a "One-Web-Platform" for the international operated portals of all branches in a leading insurance company

Customization and allocation of high-performance core components

Category:  finance, Munich

Period: 2013

Project and quality management in a project for developing the Daily PnL Reporting System for a european bank

incl. development of a automated regression test tool

Category:  finance, Munich

Period: 2011-2013

Project management, business analysis and implementing counterparty risk

Connection of a front office interface to a counterparty and issue risk controlling system of a big European bank

Category:  finance, Munich/Milan

Period: 2010-2011

Architecture, design and development of an internet platform component

for handling of stock exchange transactions with different bank-partners over a web service interface

Category:  finance, Munich

Period: 2008-2010

Designing and implementing UI- and aggregation components

of a new developed market risk controlling system of a big European bank

Category:  finance, Milan

Period: 2009

Supporting the development of a quality controlling and management system

of vehicle parts for the pilot production of a worldwide leading automobile corporate

Category:  automotive, Munich

Period: 2007-2010


Deutsche Post DHL
eFonds Group
LBS Bayern
Siemens Dematic